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Here at Riyan Consultants, our team showcases expertise and deliver their due work in time with zeal. The professionalism is commendable (we recommend you come and take a look once for your satisfaction.) you would make the decision on going ahead with our services at Riyan . We assure reliable process and help to send you to your dream destination to chase your aspirations of going overseas for whatever reason.

Every human grows up having some dreams or the other in his /her life. While some plan out a chosen career, others lay out a career path. Some choose to settle down in their respective country where as others would like to explore options in another region, another country. That is exactly where consulting with us comes into the picture. All you have to do is have a talk with us and tell us what you plan to do.

We understand your requirement for time and space. The process is a kind of roller- coaster ride. You really do not know when or how soon your would get approved. Moreover, themigration Rules of various countries get updated on regular intervals as well as all of a sudden. We are updated with the latest changes, updates, etc. as per the required norms. This is one of the reasons why our clients are compelled to select Riyan consultants as their gateway to going abroad! Well, there are some fellas with extra - ordinary talent who feel they could do it all themselves. Yeah, why not? But, considering your daily busy schedule, running around embassies, waiting your turn, etc. is a challenging task especially when you want to give your best at a consoler interview. All this extra stuff and running around (especially in Hyderabad traffic, if you're from Hyderabad) would get in the way of your daily routine.

Here is again where we come in to ease your hard work a little bit. From the moment we look at the online form/ scrutinize your profile, till you step overseas we guide you through step- by -step. We help out students with their dreams of Studying Overseas. Then there are working professionals who would like to draw out a career path overseas. Again, there are those cute kids with their mamma’s who’d like to join you overseas. Think of your elderly parents who saw your through most of your lives, now it is your turn to care for them. Howzat possible when you’re on the other part of the world ?!

Come again; did we not say we’re here for you? Contact Riyan Consultants for any migration Needs :)

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Our Mission

Our organization is picking up at a rapid pace. Soon, the and Immigration Consultants has a dream of stretching out to all regions of India – North, South, East & West simultaneously.


Our Vision

Riyan has a Vision to deliver excellent client satisfaction by providing world -class and Immigration Services that will enable us to reach our goal – to be the leading choice among world wide clients.


Core Values

Honesty || Reliability || Excellence || Commitment || Efficiency

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"Riyan consultancy has provided me with extraordinary service throughout my process. They were always available for my queries and helped my at every step of the process. I had a great experience with them. I would definitely recommend them for all related services.

Balaji Chintha


"I am really very happy with my family got my approved for UK .Thank you so much Riyan Team .I don't have a words for my happiness with my .Bless me please to get success in every sector in UK ..Thank you once again"

Kavitha Banda

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