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Alberta is a province situated in Western Canada. This is one of the most popular destinations for migration. Due to its great economic stability as well as amazing social development, this province of Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for many within Canada. Alberta is one of the three provinces that come under the ‘Prairie’ category, meaning most of the industry is natural resources, farming, etc. The place is populated and Calgary & Edmonton, 2 of Canada’s largest cities are situated in the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

This is one of the Provincial Nominee Schemes by which a foreign aspiring migrate may get a faster process to immigrate to this province. Provided, the candidate possess the skills and requirements in terms of work experience and educational qualification that is required for that particular province. Once the is candidate successful in clearing the requirements demands for that province, he or she may qualify to get an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate. With this, the overall migration Process may be a faster one for the candidate. Moreover, candidate scores more points on the Express Entry Program by receiving successful Provincial Nomination under the same section.

A candidate has 5 ways (confirmation required) to go under the Alberta migration Nominee Program

  1. Strategic Recruitment Scheme
  2. Employer Driven Scheme
  3. Self Employment Farmer Scheme
  4. Alberta Opportunity Scheme - (confirmation Required)
  5. Alberta Express Entry Scheme - (confirmation Required)
  6. each of the above streams by the Alberta migration Nominee Program has strict requirements and eligibility. Only if you have the specified experience or skills necessary, you can get nominated. Each of the above categories are further sub- categories as below:

1. Strategic Recruitment Scheme: There are 3 sub streams under this stream mentioned here.

  1. Compulsory/ Optional Trades Category
  2. Engineering Occupations Category
  3. Post Graduate Worker Category

2. Employer Driven Scheme: This stream also has 3 sub streams mentioned here.

  1. Skilled Worker Category
  2. International Graduate Category
  3. Semi Skilled Worker Category

3. Self Employment Farmer Scheme: For individuals who would like to be in a farming business/ enterprise to own/ run and permanently settle down in Alberta.

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