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    Australia Dependent Visa

Australia Dependent Visa

Under this visa category, the Dependent Famiy Member who is eligible to travel with teh primary visa applicant may go to Australia with him / her. The dependent may be your child who is a minor, or even your step- child. This could be the dependent child of your spouse/ de- factro relationship Partner’s Dependent child. There is also a requirement that the dependent child of the partner’s must not be married or even in a relationhip (de- factro).

Requisites for  Australia  Dependent Visa

Like all other visas for Australia or many other countries too, this visa also has its requirements and conditions. Only then the eligible people can apply for this visa. The sponsor should be an Australia Student Visa subclass 500 holder allowed to study a full time registered study course. The visa holder must also have health insurance which is a requirement. The duration period is 5 years.

Note: - Make sure to include the names of the dependents in the visa applicatioin fortm. Because, if this is not done, there may be issues later.

There are two ways to get the Australia Dependent Family Member.

It is not mandatory for the member to travel along with you to australia. However, you may add their/ his/ her name on the visa application form.

You may start the study course in austrlaia and then apply for the Dependent Family  Member to join you in Australia.

There is no fixed processing time for the visa application. This means it depends on the embassy, so there is no specific time for processing this type of visa. The fees is general is AUD $ 535.

There are several documents to submit for this visa category including sufficient funds to support your dependent kid. The Dependent Family member’s birth certificate, school studying certificate, health insurance for him/ her and school enrollment documents are also required.

If you require such a visa for a dependent kid to go along to Australia then apply for the Australia Dependent Visa soon.