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    Australia Employer Nomination Scheme

Australia Employer Nomination Scheme

Employers in Australia that are valid and lawfully operating operations there may recruit highly skilled overseas workers for vacant positions. This is for off- shore or on- shore categories as the Temporary Workers within Australia may also fill up the vacant positions requiring those skills. There are strict requirements from both sides – the employer as well as the overseas Skilled Worker Visa. Let us first check out the below given

Benefits of Australia Employer Nomination Scheme Visa.

1)      Sponsor eligible relatives for other Australia visas.

2)      Study at a university of your choice in Australia

3)      Live and work in Australia for an indefinite time

4)      Enroll for Australia health-care scheme – Medicare/  PBS.

5)      After a while, eligibility for social security benefits.

6)      After a while, eligible for Australian Citizenship

This Australian Employer Nomination Scheme allows the highly skilled foreign employee work by three different subclasses as listed below:

(1)   Temporary Residence Transition (Subclass 457 visa holders)

(2)   Stream Direct Entry Stream - Candidates holding short span of work exp. in Australia.

(3)   Agreement Stream -Candidates with Employer Nomination Scheme by Skill Regional Migration Agreement or labor agreement.

Eligibility Requirement For Employer: -

  • The business/ employer must be in active operations that are lawful in Australia
  • Employer must obey all local laws and Immigration Rules.
  • There must be an orderly and structured plan for the training of new & existing employees.
  • Has to provide the permanent full time employment offer
  • Must substantiate the requirement of the overseas employee high skills to labor market.

Eligibility Requirement For Candidate: -

  • Age of the candidate must be less than 45 years
  • Candidate must have English language skills of minimum functional level.
  • A genuine employer must be willing to permanently sponsor the highly skilled candidate
  • He or she mush have skills related to an Skilled Occupation Listed on Australia's sol.
  • Candidate must be at least 3 years experienced in that nominated position.
  • A relevant assessing head must give a positive Skills Assessment for the nominated position.
  • Candidate must pass all relevant health check and character check requirements.
  • 2 years of work experience of Nominated Occupation in Australia on Temporary Skilled Work Visa.
  • In case of senior executive position, there is a specific minimum annual income range requirement.