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    Australia Employer Nomination Visa 186

Australia Employer Nomination Visa 186

An Australian Employer can sponsor an Eligible Skilled Worker to work in Australia on this Permanent Residence Visa Scheme. The employer or business in Australia who wants to sponsor the candidate must be operating lawfully. The candidate has to enter his details to create a profile on Skill Select, the electronic points- based selection system. He or she must be able to give sufficient documentations/ necessary certifications for the information entered while creating the online profile. The visa applicant may work under any one of the nominated streams that is appropriate. There are three streams by which the aspiring candidate may apply. They are mentioned below.

      (1)   Temporary Residence Transition (Subclass 457 visa holders)

(2)   Stream Direct Entry Stream (candidates holding short span of work exp. in Australia) &

(3)   Agreement Stream (candidates with employer nomination by labor agreement)

 Eligibility Requirements for Australia Employer Nomination Visa Subclass 186:

ü  Australian Employer must nominate the candidate six months earlier to his visa application.

ü  Age of candidate depends on stream category. If applying by Temporary Residence Stream, candidate’s age must be less than 50. If candidate applies under Direct Entry Stream he/ she must be less than 45 years of age.

ü  Necessary skills requirement and sufficient certification/ documentation for the nominated position.

ü  Fulfill the specifications for heath check and character check requirements.

ü  Expert skill in the field of  Australia Nominated Occupation.

ü  English language proficiency (exception given if exempted)

Note: Eligibility requirements differ depending on the nomination category selected for visa applicant.

Benefits of Australia Employer Nomination Visa

u The candidate can enjoy benefits of Australia Permanent Residence Visa Holders.

u This visa has a multiple entry/ exit for a period of five years.

u They may live in Australia, work or study there.

u They may sponsor eligible relatives to join in Australia.

u Candidates may also enroll for the Medicare scheme.

Once eligible the candidate may also apply for Australian Citizenship and enjoy the benefits thereafter.