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    Australia Family Sponsored Visa

Australia Family Sponsored Visa

There are many countries in the world where families can join each other and live together overseas. In the same manner, Australia has a number of visas that are linked with Australia Family Sponsored Visa. While some are for dependent families to join there, others are for the Australian Immigration or Permanent Resident to sponsor an eligible relative. To sponsor means they must give their word to take care of your expenses for basic living needs, and other purposes. When you have an eligible family member living or residing in Australia as a Permanent Resident or citizen who is wiling to sponsor you to go to Australia, then you may go for this visa.

Australia Skilled Regional Subclass Visa-489

Under this visa category, people can get sponsored by an eligible relative in Australia. This is a temporary visa that is 2 to 4 years in duration. There is strict criteria for candidates who wish to apply for this visa category. Once the candidate successfully lives there for a period of time, he can also apply Australia Permanent Residence Visa once he gets eligible.

Similarly, there are few other family visas for Australia. you may select one that best suits your needs. There are long – term visas and also family visas where eligible candidates can also apply for Australia Permanent Residence Visa. Hence, do contact the professional, MARA registered & licensed Visa Consultants to help you with the process and guidance on Australia Family Sponsored Visas.

Immigration Australia has almost one -third of visas specifically for the purpose of families joining in Australia. This means, the Permanent Residents in Australia, Australian Citizens & Eligible New Zealand Citizens may sponsor their relatives who live overseas to join them, under various Australia Family Sponsorship Visa. Family members like Dependent Parents, kids, Spouse/ Partners may obtain any of the Australia Family Visas once they are eligible.