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    Australia Investor Visa

Australia Investor Visa

Australia Investor Visa is a Permanent Visa only if you already hold a temporary Investor Visa and lived and invested in Australia for a long time. It allows the investor/ partner for a duration of four years in Subclass 891. There are various categories of investor visas in Australia that may be temporary as well as permanent. The Australia Investor Visa Subclass 891 allows the primary investor to live in Australia while managing his business as well as investment. There is a condition that the primary visa holder and his family are not eligible for social security benefits. There are strict conditions while applying this visa including specific medical check, health check, character check and police check requirements. The interested candidate may have to clear all of these checks and pay the necessary fees for each one appropriately.

Pre - Requisites for Australia Investor Visa

 1) The aspiring investor visa applicant must already be holding an Australia Provisional Investor Visa.

2) The investor must have at least lived there for a period of 2 years time out of the four years right before filing the visa.

3) Investor / partner must only be involved in lawful business in Australia and must not have involved in any illegal activities. 

4) Candidate must fulfill all the necessary conditions for Australia Provisional Business Visa.

5) They must be of good moral as well as clear the health check requirements successfully.

6) Investor must genuinely be interested and committed to keep the investment in Australia going.

7) If any debt to Australia Govt., candidate must make a condition OR must not have a present outstanding debt to the Australia Govt.

8) The investor candidate must have maintained a minimum designated investment amount of AUD $1500000 in either his name or partners name for a minimum period of 4 years for purpose of Provisional Visa Subclass 162 issuance. 

Australia Investor Visa Processing Time

The processing time of this visa may take anywhere from 9 months to 28 months from the time the DIBP/ Department Of Immigration and Border Police receives the visa application.