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    Australia Parents Visa Subclass 143

Australia Parents Visa Subclass 143

Australia Parents Contributory Visa Subclass - 143

Dependent Parents can now join their children in Australia under this visa category. Like all other visa categories, even this visa has a list of eligibility requirements and benefits. Visa and Immigration Rules are updated from time to time and sometimes new Immigration Rules are introduced. In case the dependent’s children have settled in Australia as Permanent Residents, or are citizens of Australia or New Zealand on a special category, this visa is suitable to them so parents and their children can live together.

This visa is further categorized into four sub- class as follows:

      (1)   Subclass 173

      (2)   Subclass 143

      (3)   Subclass 884

      (4)   Subclass 864

Let us introduce the first two the Australia Parents Visa Subclass. The second two of the above visa subclass has specific requirements for age, etc.

Basic Requisites for Subclass – 173: The child of the dependent parents has to be an Australian Permanent Resident, an Australian citizen or a settler in Australia from New Zealand. They must sponsor their parents. Moreover, the parents have to meet the balance- of- family test apart from clearing health check and character check requirements. Also, to expedite the process, the fee is comparatively higher. It is a Temporary Parent Visa that lets the parents reside in Australia for a duration of 2 years

Basic Requisites for Subclass – 143: This Permanent Parent Visa lets the parents reside in Australia on a permanent basis once they meet all the above pre- requisites in addition to holding a Subclass 173 Temporary Parent Visa.

Benefits of  Temporary Parent Visa: Parents can live with their child in Australia for a period of 2 years on multiple entry/ exit from date of grant/ visa approval. They may also pursue a course of study and enroll in Australia’s health-care scheme -Medicare.

Benefits of Permanent Parent Visa

The parent contributory visa is multiple entry/ exit for a period of 5 years from the date of approval. Once eligible, the visa holders may want to apply for citizenship. They are eligible to sponsor other eligible relatives to Australia. The visa allows parents to reside permanently with their child in Australia.