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    Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309

Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309

Australia is one of the most sought after destinations for immigration. The country has a wide range of various relocation schemes for various individuals. This includes skilled working professionals, students who wish to pursue education there, Investors looking to invest in a Business there, or simply families re-uniting in Australia. In case your spouse is in Australia and you would like too join him/ her there, there is a Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309 for you. Read on to know more details about this visa class.

Popularly known as the Australia Spouse Visa – 309, this visa allows the married spouse to reunite with his or her better half in Australia. This applies to common -law partner or those in a de factro relationship of a year’s time (12 months). You may be married to Permanent Resident in Australia, Australian citizen or Eligible New Zealand Citizen to be eligible for this visa. The eligible spouse may sponsor the visa applicant for a period of 2 years time. Then he/ she is eligible to Apply Australia Permanent Residence Visa.

Like all other visas, this Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309 also has its eligibility requirements.

  • Both partners must be over 18 years of age.
  • Relationship must continue and be genuine
  • both partners/ married spouses must be in a husband- wife relationship (even if unmarried).
  • Partners must live together in an apartment not separately or in different apartments.
  • Either legal marriage between the two OR
  • must be in a spousal relationship for a period of 12 months.
  • Must be able to prove living together during the 12 months time.
  • Both partners/ married couple must pass all health clearances/ character checks also.

Under this program, the visa applicant is granted two years of stay in Australia along with full work rights during the Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa period. After this two years time, the partner who wishes to continue the relationship is eligible to apply for Australia Permanent Residence Visa. There are a few scenarios where the eligible applicant may not even have to wait for completing the two years stay in Australia in order to apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Australia. This requires the two partners to continue their relationship. However, there are some exceptions in a few scenarios.