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Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Australia is a beautiful country with great landscape and diverse opportunities for foreign nationals. Hence, many people choose to settle down in that island country. To settle down in an other country you have to apply for Australia Permanent Residence Visa status. There are several Australia PR Visas by which you can achieve your goal to move to Australia permanently. However, you have to be eligible for it. Check the benefits & basic requirements given below.

Benefits of Permanent Residency (PR) - Australia:

  •  The child born in Australia is eligible for citizenship.
  •  Sponsor eligible relatives to move under various pr visa programs.
  •   Eligible for Medicare health-care benefits at Public Hospitals.
  •   Students may study there once admission into a university is approved successfully and visa is granted.
  •   Live, study & work in Australia for indefinite time.
  •  Living there on Permanent Resident Visa Status for 2 years continuously makes you eligible for Social Security benefits such as unemployment/ disability.
Eligibility for Australia Permanent Residency

There is certain criteria or some basic requirements that you have to fulfill. These conditions are set by the Australia Immigration Authorities for Australia Permanent Resident Visa. Upon meeting this criteria the aspiring Immigrant may choose to apply the visa. Once it is successfully approved or granted then he may become an Australian Permanent Residence Visa status holder.

Australia Skilled Migration Requirements:

1. Age: The aspiring applicant must be below the age of 50

2. Nominated Occupation: You must have sufficient experience and qualifications to support the Nominated Skilled Occupation List.

3. Language Proficiency: To work there you must have competent levels of English language that is mostly tested through IELTS.

4. Qualifications: You must have required qualifications to support the Nominated Skilled Occupation.

5. Skills Assessment: A relevant assessing authority must assess your skills. There would be a designated head for specific skills assessment.

6. Health Assessment: You must clear all medical checks by doctor on the panel.

7. Character Assessment: This is also checked and you must pass the assessment. There is an Australian Skill Immigration Points Based Selection where you will have to score a minimum on each assessing criteria listed above and other assessing criteria.