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All You Would Like to Know About Australia

Australia is one of the top favorite destinations for Immigrant Aspirants from around the world. It is not only the stable economy & diverse job opportunities that attract several immigrants to Australia each year. Australia is also a great Tourist destination for many reasons including cuisine, weather, and several other factors. The dream destination for many is a boiling pot of different cultures where people and surroundings are lively. You can live in the country that has world-famous bustling cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth. Moreover, the warm climate makes the country an ideal place to the people who like warm weather all year around.

10 Interesting Facts About Oz – The Land of Koalas and Kangaroos

(1) Australia contains 8 states and territories.
(2) Australia is one of the less populated regions in the world.
(3) The country observes Daylight Saving & has 5 main Time Zones.
(4) New Zealand , few Indonesian islands, Papua New Guinea & New Caledonia are the neighbouring countries.
(5) The country of Australia is the largest island & tinyest continent all by itself.
(6) Three major oceans like Pacific, Atlantic & Indian Oceans surround Australia.
(7) The ocean currents highly influence the climatic conditions in Australia.
(8) Mostly Hot & Dry Climate throughout the year.
(9) There are rare animal wildlife species found due to large forest landscape.
(10) The country is a top tourist destination surrounded by several beaches.

Plus Points & Top Reasons to Live in Australia

  • The country is less populated. Hence, it gives peace of mind and there would be lesser pollution too!
  • Once granted Australian Permanent Residency , you may live there and work / study per your choice.
  • Once an Australian Permanent Resident, get to sponsor your eligible relatives to move to Australia.
  • Eligible for enrolment of Australia's Healthcare Scheme – Medicare
  • After living there successfully as a Permanent Resident, apply for Australian citizenship once eligible.
  • Most Australia PR holders eligible for social security benefits after a period of staying there.
  • There are diverse employment opportunities and different jobs to choose from
  • Eligible to go to New Zealand/Apply for New Zealand once eligible
  • Get to see and live in the most happening cities of the world 
  • Most of the land is forest region. Get to see wild species of flora & fauna. 
  • Surrounded by beaches, there is a chance to enjoy ocean breeze and have a good time.
  • Different cultures have diverse cuisine, so taste amazing diverse international cuisine there. 

There are various categories of Australia PR by which you can Immigrate to Australia.

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