IRCC Puts Forward 17500 Canada PRs in 2018 Q1

In the first quarter of the year 2018, the IRCC offered Canada Permanent Residency to a whopping 17500! Hence, aspirations and expecting rates have gone up towards the oncoming lotteries. Moreover the Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System has taken a downward direction.

Over 50% of the Invitations to Apply in the first quarter for 3000 in the individual draws of four from six. This is exclusive of the Canada PR number of 250 more than 2750 Invitations to Apply in h the first quarter last year i.e. 2017.

As stated by CIC news, the initial Canada Express Entry draw for this year on 01/10/18 hit a record low score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The score was 22 points less than the last year’s draw at only 446. the following three draws continued at lower scoring at 444, 442, & 442 on CRS when last year the scores were 459, 453, & 447 on crs. .

Another draw on 26/03/18 that saw a decrease of 10 points in the minimum score of 446 on CRS concluded the Q1 2018 on a reasonable note. The previous draw that was taken on 14/03/18 scored a minimum of 456 on CRS as there was 3 weeks time between the draws.

The time lapse between the consecutive draws meaning lesser time to renew the Express Entry Pool which in turn assists in getting down the score on the comprehensive ranking system. There was a good pointer which is the 10 points less in the two draws showing the result of draws held every two weeks. It was a matter of 12 days time in the above case.

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