Top 10 reasons to choose Canadian Immigration

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think Canada is the snow all around. Then it is the sport ice hockey, so on. But there are many more things that you can do in Canada in addition to the lesser population and snow wilderness. Here is a list of the several reasons why people love to migrate to Canada, Read on....

1. Live in a country with world famous cities: There are several world renowned cities in Canada and you can live in such a country with abundant resources. The list includes Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa, & Calgary. They are not only famous but safe cities too.

2. Blooming Economy: There are various sectors that contribute to the amazingly stable economy. It includes manufacture, natural resources, tourism & hospitality, agriculture & farming, and several others.

3. UN rates Star country to Live in: Right from the mid – 1990s the United Nations has rated Canada as one of the top nations in the world to live in. It is neat, prosperous, has good living standards, & cool.

4. No gap for Opportunity: The job market grows and there are several industries and various sectors. The rate of unemployment there is less than 7%.

5. High Quality Education: The educational institutions in Canada have great reputation in international standards all over the world. There is a high literacy rate in Canada with free primary & secondary education for citizens.

6. Multicultural Ethnicity: There are people from all over the world living and residing in Canada. There is a French population and a major Indian community there too.

7. Business Opportunities: There are various visa sub categories for starting a business or investing in an existing business there. Contact Canada visa & immigration services.

8. Healthcare Benefits: Once a permanent resident and after living there for some time there are some healthcare benefits you can avail.

9. Safety & Security: The foreign immigrants are protected by the charter of rights for immigrants. The region is safe and there are community policing & systems in place.

10. Lower Taxation: At a rate of inflation of lower than 2.5%, and taxes getting reasonably fair, the members take home a decent income.