There is a wide rage of opportunity for considerable career growth in Canada – Land of Opportunities. In the last decade and a half there is an estimated three and a half million global professions immigrants. Canada is known for the top per capita immigration rates globally that comprises of less than 1% of the country’s complete population.


Where there is opportunity there is also competition so keep in mind there will be some kind of hurdles until you find a suitable and comfortable job or employment there. There are certain reasons and situations you will get to see. So knowing about it beforehand will be helpful for you.


The numbers say it. One of four foreign immigrants work in an area of expertise that is suited to their higher qualifications. At the same time, out of every three highly educated & skilled professionals born in Canada, two of them work in their selected field of expertise you are into.


You would not want to work in a ‘survival job’ that keeps you engaged which in turn not allows you to search for better opportunity. This reduces your chances of earning enough to settle down there permanently.


Out of many reasons such as culture difference and others these are the three main reasons that foreign immigrants and newcomers find it tough to get employment there.


1. Canada Work Experience: The country has its employment laws, rules & regulations and method of doing things in the area of expertise. Employers in Canada prefer to employ its nationals or the people who are familiar with such aspects.


2. Credentials Assessment: Most occupations like electrician, plumber, nursing, etc. including healthcare & engineering sectors are regulated by an authorized body. Hence, your credentials like professional license or university certificates must be assessed / reviewed as per Canada standards. Generally, employers there might be suspicious of such overseas credentials.


3. Language Proficiency: The official languages of Canada are French & English. No proficiency in any one of these languages is another hindrance to finding employment there. Employers will prefer people who are fluent in their language used. So, this reduces chances of employment matching your qualifications/ expertise.


How foreign immigrants benefit from Overseas Employment

The field of occupation plays a major role in finding employment in Canada. The region you settle down in also makes a difference. However, if you successfully jump over the hurdles in your search for suitable overseas employment it is beneficial in the following ways:


  • Companies welcome new talent & fresh ideas as opposed to conventional ideas.
  • Employers are aware that foreign freshers would like to put in extra effort and work longer hours.
  • Some companies welcome international experience and foreign talent.
  • Companies are likely to hire employees from diverse cultures as they market to various ethnicities.
  • Some businesses do overseas business and would like to hire people with your cultural/ ethnic/ language background. 


So check out your chances in Canada Land of Opportunities with PR Visa.