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British Colombia

The British Columbia province of Canada is a melting pot of various cultures. With great forest land, natural resources, mining and having the third largest city of Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most favourite Provinces of Canada for several migrations from all over the world. This province is a complete western Province of Canada. With such a great economy and amazing climate of the western coastline, this is one of the most sought-after destinations for several migration.

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program

Similar to other PNPs of Canada , if the aspiring migrant receives a BCPNP certificate, it makes the migration Process straightforward and faster. There are two major streams under which the British Columbia applications are taken.

1. Skills Immigration/ British Columbia Express Entry: There are five sub – categories under this:

  1. Skilled Worker Category
  2. Healthcare Worker Category
  3. International Graduate Category
  4. International Post – Graduate Category
  5. Entry Level /semi Skilled Worker Category
  6. Except the fifth category, all the above categories can be processed through the Express Entry Electronic Points – based calculator system of Canada .

2. Entrepreneur migration: Individuals who would like to apply British Columbia Permanent Residence and are willing to invest there may go under this category. There are two major sub categories by which he or she can apply.

  1. Entrepreneur Category
  2. Strategic Projects Category

Each of the above categories and sub categories of British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program has its own requirements /eligibility criteria. Hence, it is adble to contact a professional Guidance Consultants for details, updates or processing.

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