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    Business Visas

Business Visas

A Business Visa is a temporary and non- Immigrant Visa that is issued to nationals of different foreign countries who would like to visit another country for the purpose of doing business there. There are many requirements that such type of a visa applicant must have. Each country has its own visa rules for Business Visa. For example, in the USA, the visitor to the US from another country who goes there for business purpose may go on a B1 or a B2 Visa. In the similar manner, each country has its rules and specifications for such type of Business Visas.

Business visas are issued for various duration on the basis of type of  Business Visit. This ranges from 3 to 6 months in some countries up to 5 – 10 years in other countries with multiple entry / two entries. As stated earlier it actually depends on the country where you want to do business, the investment amount, and several other factors. There are some countries that specify the business must be a legitimate one. It also highly depends on the nature of the business. A business visa, on the other hand, cannot be termed as a Work Permit.

Basic Requisites of Business Visa

Even though the countries have various Immigration/ Visa Rules there are some basic requirements that most countries ask for when the applicant seeks business visa.  Some of the basic requisites are given here.

  • Fully And Correctly Entered Visa Application Form
  • A Set Of Passport Sized Photographs Of The Applicant
  • An Address Proof/ Residence Proof Of Applicant
  • Sufficient Funds Available For Tickets, Stay And Return
  • For Some Countries Travel Insurance Is Necessary
  • Nature Of Business Plan / Business Certification
  • A Valid Passport Of The Business Visa Applicant.


The above given information is only to give a basic idea about a business visa to newbies. We recommend you to please contact Visa Consultants for professional guidance.