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Canada provides various schemes for the foreign nationals who wish to Immigrate to Canada . There are various Canada Permanent Residence Schemes by which an aspiring immigrant may apply. Like several countries, there is a point- based selection system for Canada Immigration too. Based on the points that you achieve in the electronic selection system, you will receive an ‘Invitation to apply’. Then the candidate has to file the documents within a specific time period.

Here are convenient Canada Immigration Schemes for various types of aspiring immigrants. They include skilled working professionals, dependent families, investors, etc. So, if you fall under any of these categories or outside these categories, then you are all set to check our your chances to Immigrate to Canada.

NOTE: For the province of Quebec, there is a different immigration scheme. So, if you plan to relocate to Canada's Quebec Province, or hold Canada Provincial Nomination/ sponsorship of the region, it would be a different category.

  •   Federal Skilled Work Program – Aspiring Canada Immigration applicants who have high skills in a profession / related profession & work experience, they may apply under this category once eligible under the Canada Express Entry System.
  •   Canada Nominee Program PNP/ Provincial Nominee Program: Under this category, the applicants must have skills related to the province regional requirement. Once qualified, he/ she may immigrate to the specified province.
  •   Canada Quebec Skilled Worker : This program lets eligible candidates who fulfill the requirements immigrate to the Eastern province of Canada – Quebec.
  •   Interesting Facts on Canada
  •   Demography: Canada is a vast nation that touches the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere and the United States in the southern part.
  •   Climate: Mostly covered in snow, it is a dreamland for several people around the world. Due to year -round snow, several parts are uninhabited.
  •   Economy: There is a stable economy as the country dabbles in several successful industries across Automobile, Financial Sector, Hospitality, Aerospace, Infrastructure, etc.
  •   Immigration rules undergo changes and updates for several countries including Canada . It is a good option to take the help of Canada & Immigration Consultants to help out with the Immigration Process.
  •   Each year there are several students from all over the world who go to Canada to pursue education there. Canada Immigration has schemes by which students can also study there and gain a Canada Permanent Residence . This requires a process and eligibility for the aspiring Student Applicants.


While each program to migrate to Canada has different criteria, there are some things in common. Canadian immigration experts will typically evaluate migration requests based on:

  •   Educational profile
  •   Professional profile
  •   References and legal documentation
  •   Your IELTS score
  •   French language skills if you migrate to Quebec
  •   Canadian employment documentation

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