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    Canada Investor Visa

Canada Investor Visa

Canada Investor Visa

Canada is one of the countries all over the world that offers Permanent Residence Visa on Point Based Selection System. Over the past few years the nation of Canada is fast becoming a favorable destination among several immigrants from all over the world. There are students, employees, Dependent Family Members/ Spouse and Investors among aspiring Canada Immigrants. The Canada Investor Visa is one visa meant for those who wish to start a business in Canada. As the name suggests, this type of Visa is meant for those who are able to invest in the business in Canada. 

Canada Investor Visa Categories

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa: 

This option or type of visa is for the individuals with a personal net worth of $10 Million CND. The investors who go for this type of visa must be open to a at-risk investment minimum $2 Million CND towards  Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund of Canada.

Start-Up Visa:

This type of Visa is specifically for accomplished business people who own business and possess  significant work experience. Those who are willing to own and  manage a business within Canada that boosts financial progress as well as employment may go for a Start-Up Visa. Also, it should be backed by one of the organizations that are on Canada’s Start Up Visa Designated Organizations List.

Self - Employed Immigrant Visa:

This Visa type is specifically for the people who possess significant experience in culture activities, world class athletics or farm management. Aspiring immigrants with an objective and reasonable means and potential for self-employment can apply for the Self Employed Immigrant Visa. 

Note: Canada Federal Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Programs were terminated on June 19, 2014.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) 

After the conclusion of Federal Program Business Migrants trying for Immigration to Canada have an alternative choice concerning Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Individuals who have an ambition for an interesting laid back investment plan in Quebec Province of Canada.

Requirements/ Eligibility for Quebec Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QUIIP)

Legitimate Personal Net Worth of $1.6 million CND.

Experience of two years in relevant management /Business Experience.

(This should be in the last five years of application.)

Agreeable to invest an interest- free amount of $800,000 CND to a passive Government Guaranteed Investment for a five year period.

The business migrant must have an objective to settle down in Quebec Province of Canada.