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Canada Permanent Residence Benefits

One of the most snowy places in the world is definitely the nation of Canada. Several people from all walks of life such as dependents, students, working professionals, skilled people, Business Investors, etc – while several dream on, there are few to turn their dreams into a reality. So they go for a Canada PR that helps them achieve their immigration goals in life.

What is it that makes so many foreign nationals across the world and more specifically India, want tomove permanently to Canada? Here is a not just a list but a summary of several Canada Permanent Residence Benefits.

A) There are almost 60 Schemes for various migration aspirants to gain Permanent Residence in Canada. The Family Class Program, Express Entry Program , Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program etc. are various categories under which a permitaspirant can apply.

B) One of the Canada PR Benefits and a point of interest for migration to Canadas safety & security. Those holding the Permanent Residence status in Canada are backed by the IRCC & Canada Law This is one of the top reasons why Canada makes the perfect migration destination for several international wannabe Canada PR holders.

C) There is an advanced social system in Canada especially so people who do not hold jobs may learn/ search a new Occupational skill. There are benefits like University Education for Meritorious Scholars, Health Care Benefits, Free Schooling for dependent children, etc. Students can also work for specific hours /part -time on Student Category.

D) After spending a long term in Canada, the PRholders can apply for Citizenship. However, there is a specific time period that you have to stay inside the country like 4 years so check it out in detail. Citizens enjoy many benefits such as social security benefits and unemployment, Sr. Citizens, etc.

E) A stable Economy and Industry across various sectors including Manufacture, hospitality, tourism, service industry, aerospace, IT, etc provide for number of investment / business opportunities & employment opportunities for many.

F) Canada is a melting pot of various cultures. You can find multiple communities who are settled in several regions. This enables you to know about various cultures and share your culture too. It is a great place to boost investment plans / expand businesses.

G) Once you are a successful permanent resident in Canada and lived for a while there, you may sponsor your relatives that are eligible. The principal applicant’s spouse and dependent children (up to 19 years of age) get under same application. He may want to sponsor dependent parents for Canada Permanent Residence status.

Canada Permanent Residence holders are eligible for number of benefits including dependent kids, social, economic, etc. The benefits are given here to make it simple for you so if you would like Professional Guidance, contact Canada Consultants.

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