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    Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Immigration has designed 60 immigration schemes to invite immigrants from all over the world. There are different immigration programs for various provinces and territories of Canada. However, those who would like to migrate to the Province of Quebec, will have to go by Quebec's Immigration Schemes. This is one of the top Quebec Permanent Residence Visa types for the foreign nationals who would like to make Quebec their immigration destination. 

The Canadian province of Quebec government overseeing the Immigration for Quebec would receive a number of visa applications under the Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program, as cited by MIDI. (As per latest updates this is for the intake period until march 31, 2018/ as immigration / visa rules are subject to change, hence please be open to updates). 

Like many of the Skilled Migration class visa schemes, this visa too is designed to select the candidates who are able to get established upon migrating to the province of Quebec. Aspiring visa applicants have to successfully clear the specified Quebec's Assessment criterion or Quebec’s Immigration Selection System. Also, the visa applicant must successfully clear all the necessary medical or health check requirements as well as criminal checks.

Basic Eligibility Criterion for QSWP

The minimum points that the candidate must score on Quebec's Immigration Selection System is 59 with accompanying common – law partner or spouse. If he /she is going alone or is unmarried, then the visa applicant must score a minimum of 50 points on Quebec's Immigration Selection System. The factors upon which the candidate is scored or selected once again depends on the basic factors like age, educational qualification, language proficiency work experience, place of training, sufficient financial ability to take care of expenses. In addition to these factors, if the visa applicant’s common-law partner or spouse is migrating to Quebec, or dependent kids are also moving to Quebec, then there are also other factors. This includes ‘characteristics of spouse or common-law partner’ / ‘accompanying kids present’.

Time is passing very fast, so if you are interested to migrate to Quebec, and are eligible, then contact professional Visa Consultants for visa guidance. All the Best!