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    Denmark Dependent Visa

Denmark Dependent Visa

Denmark is soon getting to be one on the top lsit of dream immigration destinations in the EU. The department for Immigration and visas in the country has a green card scheme for the people of foreign nationals who would like to work, live and settle there. Such people are there for long and would also like to take thier family members there if thtey have sufficient fundss to support the number of family. 

Like all other classes of visas for several countries even the Denmark Dependent Visa has some requirements. Danish Immigration has a simple and straightforward process for the aspiring dependent migrants. However, depending on the situation and profile of the candidate who wants to go there, it takes time for the processing also. This can go up to many months at times.

The lega spouse must proove a marriage certificate. Similarly, the dependent child of the denmark green card visa scheme holder must show the birth certificate, etc. There are more documents and all of these documents are subject to verification by the authorities. Moreover, there should also be time of 12 months validity on your passport. In case it would expire earlier, you must apply for the passport with a later expiration date. 

When the lawful spouse gets approved to hold a green card dependent visa and the spouse is a Denmark Green Card holder and resident there; this means that the green Card Depenent Visa  Holder (spouse) can work there. The time is variable for the official time period linked to the main resident’s green card. If or when the visa expiry is done the holder cannot work or live there anymore. However, you can apply for the extention.

In case you apply for the extended date on your visa please make sure to do that earlier and much before the visa expiry. This would hlpe a lot in any last minute issues.