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    Denmark Green Card Program

Denmark Green Card Program

Denmark is one of the best countries for immigration due to several reasons. From the Schengen countries you need not require visa but people from other countries require the Immigration Visa to stay there. This is the way to Permanent Residence in Denmark. One such visa is called the Denmark Green Card Program so that you can reside and work there.

Features of Denmark Green Card

This visa type is specifically designed so as to attract many highly skilled professionals from all over the world to their country. For this visa type, there is specific criteria on the basis of various factors. The factors include age, educational qualification, work experience in the proficient field of expertise, language skills, sufficient funds and also the candidate must be adaptable to the people and culture of the country. This is a renewable Denmark Green Card Program where there are several non – European union skilled migrants to the country on the green card permit.

However, this is one of the toughest immigration points based test as the candidate will have to score at least 100 points on the total qualifying Work Permit Scheme. It has different advantages too as the candidate does not need to show or prove an employment offer of any kind prior to the application. There are certain restrictions too as the candidate cannot take up self employment under this Scheme.

In the beginning, the Denmark Immigration Visa is issued / approved for the time of two years. However, they can also apply for an extension for the same. This should be done prior to the 2 years ending period. They should also be meeting the criteria for income requirement also to be approved for the extension for residence permit.

There are several other requirements to eligible / approved for the extended residence permit. The points alloted on the various factors and criteria will be made available soon...