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    Denmark Immigration Visa

Denmark Immigration Visa

There are several countries that are top destinations for immigrants from around the world. In the same way, Denmark is also one of the greatest destinations for many highly qualified professionals from foreign countries. So in case you would like to immigrate to the country of Denmark there are some basic eligibility criteria to meet. This includes your age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, and others. The Immigration Visa is referred as the Denmark Green Card Status. It is one of the countries with the most difficult way to immigrate. Firstly, check out the Benefits of Denmark Immigration Visa.

The holder of the Denmark Green Card Program married partner or spouse and his dependent kids who are minors or below the age of 18 years get eligible for Permanent Residency in Denmark also.

If the green card holder has successfully worked for a time period of 10 hours per week in the last year or the immediate 12 months time, then hes or sher stay permit may be expandable. 

Features of Denmark Green Card

At first time approval, the candidate who is the holder of this status can get the issue for 2 years time

Candidate may want to apply for an extension for 1 more year so, total time of 3 years stay in Denmark.

The candidate who stays successfully in the country for a time period of 4 years of minimum stay, can apply for Denmark Permanent Residency. With this, the candidate can remain in the country for as long as he or she wants to.

After successful stay in Denmark for a continuous period of 9 years, the candidate is eligible for Denmark Citizenship.

This country has several reasons to immigrate to including great friendly environment for studies. So, if you do have the necessary funds and a family like kids to study there, this is a great opportunity for you. Do you want to check out your eligibility to move to Denmark?