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    Denmark Investor Visa

Denmark Investor Visa

Denmark is one of the top countries where several foreign aspiring immigrants want to do business. Denmark is one of the countries with businesses with least or no corruption. Hence, many would like to invest there. It is also the business – friendly environment with highly educated business associates or employees in the labor market and great business infrastructure as well. There is a line of trade and industry that is doing great including food, art, construction, real estate, shipping, wind energy, life sciences, automotive, machinery, etc.


Denmark Business Visa: This visa category is for the business people who would like to start or expand an existing business in the country. As the country attracts many foreign immigrants to set up business as it has a pleasant environment for business and living standards. The duration validity period is granted for 3 months time or precisely 90 days period out of the 6 months time or 180 days. A candidate has to remember that Denmark Business Visa is not a Work Permit and hence they cannot work there in the labor market with the Business Visa. However, it allows entry/ temporary stay in any of the Schengen countries.

Denmark Investor Visa: The amount that an aspiring foreign investor has to invest is somewhere between one million euros to one hundred million euors. Denmark Investor Visa provides an opportunity to foreign investors to settle down or permanently reside there. It is for the investors who would like to invest in a business within the strong economy of the country. The country is one among the top ten per capita earning countries in the world. Hence, this is a great chance for the aspiring investors to get to Denmark Permanent Residency after staying there for a period of time.

 The processing time differs from one Visa Application to another. For some, it may take longer as it is required to show documentation or if a longer inquiry is required. Denmark is one of the most attractive countries within the continent as well as the world. So, check out your chances to apply for  Denmark Investor Visa.