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    Denmark Occupation List

Denmark Occupation List

Denmark requires highlly skilled professionals to fill in some vacancies where there is lesser labor. There is strict requirement for the candidate to meet the eligibility criteria. Once with an employment offer, the candidate has easier access to the labor market. Moreover, if the candidate has experience in any of the Occupations Listed on the country’s positive list, then he or she can score higher points on the points based selection test. Here is a short list with code number and name of the occupation required.

Note: - This may get updated from time to time, so please check for latest updates at the time of applying

Denmark Positive List

121100: Finance Manager
121200: Hr Manager
121320: Head Of Division
121320: Head Of Department
121990: Service Manager
122100: Key Account Manager
122100: Marketing Manager
122100: Sales Manager
122100: Sales Deputy Manager
132100: Area Manager
132400:Technical Manager
133020: It Manager
134400: Institution General Manager
134500: Institute & Center Manager
134500: Deputy Principal
142010: Store Manager
214400: Mechanical Engineer
214100: Production Engineer
214200: Civil Engineer
214500: Chemical Engineer
214900: Engineer, Medicine & Technology
215100: Electrical Engineer
216100: Architect
216400: Land Surveyor
221100: Medical Doctor
221100: Hospital Doctor
221200: Medical Consultant
221200: Chief Physician
222110: Nurse
222120: Anesthetic Nurse
222120: Surgical Nurse
222200: Midwife
226100: Dentist
226700: Optician
226930: Chiropractor
231020: Associate Professor, University College
234120: Teacher- Public Primary & Lower Secondary School
234120: Teacher At Independent Boarding School For Lower Secondary School Student
234120: Teacher At A Private Primary And Lower Secondary School Teacher
235400: Music Instructor
235790: Assistant Pre-School Teacher
241100: Auditor
241100: Business Controller
241100: Accounting Controller
242100: Chief Consultant
242100: Business Analyst
251110: It Architect
251120: It Engineer
251200: It Consultant
251210: It  Quality Employee
251210: It Project Manager
251200: Programmer And System Developer
261110: Attorney
261900: Assistant Attorney
261900: Assistant Judge
261900: Legal Officer
261900: Assistant Prosecutor
263400: Psychologist
263500: Social Worker
311200: Construction Manager
314300: Forestry And Landscape Engineer
321100: Radiographer
325120: Dental Hygienist

Each of the above positions have different requirements and Eligibility Criteria as well as require other authorizations that the candidate has to meet to apply for these positions on the country’s positive list.

It is advisable for candidate to check latest infromation on the Denmark Occupation List as this is a shortend list only to get an idea.