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    Denmark Visitor Visa | Business Visa

Denmark Visitor Visa | Business Visa

Denmark is a northern region of Europe consisting of Greenland and the Faeroe islands. There are major world cities including Copenhagen, Faaborg, Odense, etc., where you can breathe refreshing sea breeze on the coasts. It is renowned for the great sea harbours and is popular for historic sites and countryside atmosphere. There is also open - air sailing museum too! It boasts of quality living standards, amazing cuisine, & boating & infrastructure. You need to get a Denmark Visitor Visa to visit here. In addition to that, you definitely have to know when to visit as the winter temperatures are flat 0 degree & hottest summer temperatures are 15 – 16 degrees! (this is less than the coldest winter in Hyderabad!).

As Denmark is one of the Schengen countries, once granted a visa to enter or a short term visa, during the visa validity time & authorized stay duration the visitor would actually get to visit any place in the Schengen region. However, the people going to visit other countries on Visitor Visa think it is okay to earn income. It is a strict NO – NO unless you are told in a straightforward way in exceptional cases.  This should be granted or issued on an official document. The Denmark Visitor Visa / Business Visa is generally granted from a period of 3 months time or 90 days to 180 days.

Denmark Visitor Visa / Business Visa Processing Time

Once the officials receive the visa application it takes a minimum of 15 days or more for the decision making. Then, the candidate may also have to give an interview at the Embassy or show supproting documentation. At times, the processing time for visa approval may take longer due to administrative reasons, or if it requires more inquiry. The Denmark Business/ Visitor Visa is a non – professional and short term visa and you have to apply by the earliest time. However, it is advisable not to confirm any arrangement for traveling including tickets, accommodations, etc. while you are awaiting visa approval. It is also advisable to have a valid international travel insurance scheme while traveling overseas.

List of countries in Schengen Region

      (1)   Austria 

(2)   Belgium

(3)   Czech Republic 

(4)   Denmark 

(5)   Estonia 

(6)   Finland 

(7)   France 

(8)   Germany 

(9)   Greece 

(10)  Hungary 

(11)   Iceland 

(12)  Italy 

(13)  Latvia 

(14)  Liechtenstein 

(15)  Lithuania

(16)  Luxembourg 

(17)  Malta

(18)  Netherlands 

(19)  Norway 

(20) Poland

(21) Portugal 

(22) Slovakia 

(23) Slovenia 

(24) Spain 

(25) Sweden

(26) Switzerland