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This European country is one of the most scenic places to immigrate to. There are various opportunities calling immigrants from all over the world to Denmark. This country is one of the five countries that make the Nordic nations. The smallest but most popular of all – Denmark is known as the country where there is happiness. Even the capital city got a famous title - ‘World’s Most Livable City’. The nation is soon getting famous for several aspiring Immigrants from around the globe. Some attractions include the stable economy, low employment rate, and strong labour market of the country.

Customs & Traditions

Historically, the country of Denmark was known for the huge Vikings who had several traditional customs. There are mystery stories about mermaids as the country has great beaches all over. Some of the world’s most famous cuisines and savories came from this country. Culturally, the people of the nation have customs that are a blend of the Scandinavian region of and of Europe. Several traditions, customs and beliefs of the people of that country are a mix of these regions. 

The people of Denmark allure to the better society and environment of the country. This is seen in the scenic landscape where nature is given importance. The present generation is liberal in thought and adjust to the twenty first century living style free of disturbances and hassles. If you would like to take up Permanent Residency in Denmark then you would have some basic requirements. There are highlighted specifications when you would like to permanently migrate to Denmark. 

However, some basic requirements just to give you an idea include residing successfully for a period of six years (or more sometimes). The candidate has to clear some mandatory tests to prove their ability to become a Permanent Resident. Also, he or she must gain fluency in the Danish language and the qualifying age criteria is 18 years to be eligible. There are specifications about number of years in full time work or business in the country as well as a specific income category.