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When a person who is not a citizen of a foreign country and would like to go there for various reasons – like study, work, business, family visit, family reunion, etc. he or she requires to get validation from that specific country that the candidate selects to visit. For the validation or to get approved a suitableWork permitfrom any of the top countries, there is specific criteria and requirements that the candidate has to fulfil.

Some of the basic criteria for most countries is sufficient finances to fund the trip / stay for the specified period of time overseas. Others that are equally vital include the inventiveness and value of the candidate’s profile. Each country has diverse and immigration schemes for such aspiring candidates. So, an expert technical evaluation helps to a fair length to get to know how good are your chances to travel overseas. It can also evaluate to see which is the best suitable foreign country or what is the most suitable Work permit scheme that suits your profile.

Why Expert Technical Evaluation?

After going through great academic studies hectic preparations and clearing subjects, gaining professional work experience over time and of course saving big bucks for your dream Destination, you do not want to waste precious time in getting a denial or refusal.

There are free online systems to check your eligibility, and so on. It is good to get an expert evaluation, to see what is best for a candidate’s profile and how good are the chances, or what improvements are required for good chances for a specific country, or how suited his or her profile is for that country, and give required counselling based on the results. It could be for selecting the best suitable country or select the suitable Work Permitscheme for the candidate.

There are some basic sections that are generally done on this complex technical evaluation sheet.

  • Score Card
  • Country Profile Summary
  • Occupation Profile Summary
  • Transparency Sheet for Time & Fees
  • Success Chances
  • Vital Documents Required

Technical Evaluations are the tests and studies of an aspiring candidate’s profile. It is done based on research, success stories, latest and Immigration Rules of various countries, etc. It takes a lot of time for the expert panel to scrutinize the candidate’s profile to provide the best guidance, solutions, chances of approval or denial, and avoid unnecessary delays, etc. Hence, take the advice of the best Expert Technical Evaluations by the successful experts


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