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Germany Blue Card Visa

The citizens within the European union have a common entrance for the countries of the EU. EU means European union. There are certain countries within the continent of Europe that have singed an agreement. Hence, all of them have some common agreements. One of them is an Entry Permit to any of the EU nations. In case a citizen who does not belong to the countries of the EU, (exception for a few countries is still there) he or she has to get a Germany Blue Card Visa . There are very specific conditions on who can get eligible to apply and get approved for a Blue Card Visa.

Similarly, if you would like to enter the country of Germany, the candidates who wish to enter need a Germany Blue Card Visa or they are not authorized to enter. The Blue Card is to give a good outlook about the European Union to attract a lot of foreign immigrants from all over the world. The immigrants would be highly skilled professionals from all over the world. For an example, the residents of USA require to hold a Green Card. So, this is something that is similar to that. This card or entry permit is valid for a period for 4 years but may be reduced if the candidate’s Work Permit is shorter.

EU Blue Card Visa Benefits

There are three countries who are not included in the Blue Card Visa Scheme. This includes Denmark, UK & Ireland. The candidate who holds such a visa is able to freely move around in the area of Schengen. So, after spending a time period of one and a half years in Germany, the candidate may be able to even visit the other places that come under the European Union. The candidate would be able to reside even outside of the EU after a certain period of time up to a time period of one full year. Once the candidate has completed successful stay of 33 months there, he or she can apply for Permanent Residence Visa.