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    Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirements

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirements

About Germany:  Germany is one of the most scenic locations in Europe. In addition to that, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the EU (European Union). Famous for the mighty Alps, and the country side, Germany is one dream destination for foreign immigrants to settle down in.

Introduction: Germany welcomes several highly skilled educated individuals into their country. The Germany job seeker visa is one of the popular visas that individuals from around the world can go under. Learn about the various key requirements to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa. Before that here is a small intro on what exactly is this visa?

What is Germany Job Seeker Visa?

In simplest terms to make it easy for you, this visa is a residence permit that allows the foreign individual to reside in Germany for a period of six months. The reason sis to search for work for and by yourself. So, in case such a visa holder is able to successfully find employment within Germany in the six months’ permitted time period, he/ she may choose to go for long -term residence permit and finally Permanent Residency in Germany.

5 Key Requisites for Germany Job Seeker Visa


1.Candidate must have a Bachelor's / Masters Degree from German University or its Equivalent Foreign University.

2.Candidate must posses work experience of at least five years in his / her field or a related field to their respective study.

3. Funds is a very important criteria as the candidate has to show sufficient money to fund the entire trip & stay there for the time duration.

4. The candidate must also have the necessary medical insurance cover or travel insurance for the entire time until they receive residence permit.

5. It is necessary for the Visa Aspirant to show a minimum liquid cash for the amount of 3.5 Lakhs.