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One of the countries in the world with a stable economy and a wealthy country in the European Union is Germany . There is a pool of different employment opportunities there. So those who are seeking to work or live in Germany may also enjoy the benefits rolled out. Not only does the country have the largest economy in the European Union but has a fourth place in the world by nominal GDP.

If you would like to opt for a career growth in various fields of automotive or tell- communications or other industries, and like to go to a successful foreign country, here is a gateway. Germany job seekeris an option for those from various nationalities who are eligible for it. Permitthe world’s top brands namely Allianz, VW, Siemens, Helsinki, are from Germany. There isn’t a better opportunity if you would like to grow your career in a foreign country. There is a wide range of options including start-up’s, art & architecture, research, etc.

Benefits of Job Seeker: Once an aspiring permit holder gets approved for the job seeker, there are benefits you may take: - they are listed below:

  • Permanent Residence is easier to apply.
  • It takes from 30 days (1 month) to one quarter (3 months).
  • European currency has a higher value than local currency.
  • Diverse career paths & diverse industries to choose from.
  • Six months time period to choose the most suitable job.

Choose from various sectors: There is a wide range of sectors to choose from to suit your career. This includes the Medical Sector, Finance & Accounting, Telecommunications, Building and Constructions, Engineering, IT Sector, Artisans, Administration, etc... The list seems unending … Just like all other s, there is an eligibility criteria you have to fulfil.

Germany Long- Term Temporary permit Requirement:

  • Aspirant should have a bachelor's/ master’s degree German University / equivalent foreign degree from.
  • Minimum five years of work experience in the interested field.
  • Available sufficient funds for the trip & overseas stay.

Applicant should be medically insured for entire stay or till granted Germany Work Permit


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