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It is a well known fact that if a person who belongs to another nationality would like to visit another country in the world, then he requires a permit to enter or visit that country. The purpose may be for several different reasons. It could be to meet a relative, negotiate a business, or even to holiday at a resort with friends and family. So, for any reason, if you would like to visit another country, you need a Tourist Visa for most countries.

For Germany , there is something that is slightly different. Like many members of the European union, to visit Germany you require a Schengen Visa. A person who would like to visit any of the countries under the Schengen agreement, they require this visa. Then he or she can move around anywhere of those countries. As Germany is one of them, they can enter Germany too.

The citizens of a few countries are allowed entry without this visa too. But these are only a few and there is an prior agreement with the countries or in the Schengen agreement. So, it is based on the purpose of the visit to the nation. In case the visitor goes on a short – term study course, example summer school, he may apply for a Germany Tourist Visa/ Business Visa.

This could also be for holidaying in any of the beautiful countries that are members of the Schengen agreement. So, if you would like to visit Germany you definitely need to apply for a Schengen Visa. This allows you a maximum time pf 90 days duration or roughly 3 months time. The main reason for the agreement of all the countries of the European union that total to around 26 so far, is so that the people of those EU countries may move around freely without issues related to the borders.

So contact professional Visa Consultants if you would like to holiday in Germany for a short while!


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