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This nation that belongs to the European Union has many attractions due to which several immigrants would like to migrate here. Of all, the requirement of skilled workers is one of the biggest needs that the country is working at to welcome foreign skilled talent. Germany is reputed for a stable economy and one of the top in the nations of the European Union. Various sectors including it, technology, sciences, engineering, manufacture, etc. contribute to a top economy. Even world famous giant companies like Allianz, Helsinki, etc are examples of booming organizations in the country.

The climate is temperamental with showers anytime in the year. Summers are warm and winters are freezing cold. The capital city of Berlin has a multi – cultural impact as there are people from nearly 200 nations over the world. The country consists of seventeen provinces and three territories. There are two major time zones – the (i) Central European Time and (ii) Central European Summer Time. The country switches standard time and daylight savings time too.

Germany is also a great destination to check out for investment purposes or entrepreneurship. It is only beside USA & China for this reason. There are various Germany schemes for new students, families and dependents, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as Skilled Workers. Check out the various s for different purposes like EU Blue Card , Germany Job Seeker , Germany Dependent , Germany Student , Germany Visitor /Business and Germany Work Permit .

There are three different types of Germany Work Permit given below.

1. General Employment: Eligible candidates who fulfill criteria and requirements for professional qualifications and have necessary documents like residence application, passport, employer contract etc.

2. Skilled Employment: Candidates who have the required skills and work experience with a contract of employment by a German Employer and sufficient finances for support along with other criteria and requirements are categorized here.

3. Self Employment: This is for the eligible candidates who will contribute positively to the economy of the country and have sufficient funds to back their business plans.

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