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    Hong Kong Dependent Visa

Hong Kong Dependent Visa

Hong Kong Dependent Visa scheme is for the family members who would like to accompany the main Visa Applicant to Hong Kong when he migrates. However, there are specifications on who comes under the Dependent Visa category. The children who are less than 18 years of age and are not married come under the dependent kids. Moreover, the foreign visa holder must be having a valid visa for job/ employment/ study/ training/ investment purpose. They can also be the Hong Kong Permanent Residency Visa status holders.

Dependent Visa Hong Kong

This does not mean that they can simply accompany the primary visa holder to Hong Kong. Each family member has to file a different visa application. Moreover, the main or principal visa applicant/ holder should be able to sponsor the family members. The time duration for Hong Kong Dependent Visa is completely depends on the main visa holder stay duration. The dependent family member is allowed to work & study in Hong Kong for the same time as the main applicant’s visa is valid. They can live for the same time.

Hong Kong Dependent Visa Eligibility Criteria

It highly depends on what kind of visa the primary visa holder is. The dependent visas are further categorized as: - 

(1) ‘A’ For this category, the Main Visa holder must be a permanent resident in Hong Kong. There must not be any holds or limit to reside in Hong Kong.

-> Parents 60 Years & Above

-> Spouse of the Main applicant

-> Own Kids /Adopted legally aged less than 18 & unmarried.

(2) ‘B’ For this the visa holder must be the entrant under the QMAS or Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. The sponsor must be granted the visa for professional employment, business establishment or investment in business, studies or training in a local institute for graduation studies full time. 

-> Spouse & Own Kids /Adopted legally aged less than 18 & unmarried are allowed to apply. 

There are other factors that the sponsor and dependent members have to meet to qualify.

• The sponsor must have sufficient funds to support them & their stay.

• The sponsor and Dependent Visa applicant must prove their relationship

• The visa applicant must not have any kind of negative record. 

Note: - This entry scheme or dependent visa scheme does not apply for certain specified categories and regions in China.