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    Hong Kong Immigration Visa Benefits

Hong Kong Immigration Visa Benefits

Several Asians & Indians like going to Hong Kong for short term or long term basis. What is it that attracts so many people to Hong Kong each year? If you read on you will get to know much more than the Hong Kong Immigration Visa Benefits are other interesting facts about life in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Immigration Visa also has one of the best benefits of taking the family members (Spouse & Kids <18) and check out job offers.

10 Interesting Facts about Life in Hong Kong

Indian cuisine is appreciated globally. You would be surprised to know that one – tenth of the restaurants are operated by Indians in Hong Kong. 

If you are a fusion-culture person, there isn’t a better place you’d love. Hong Kong was under Britishers almost until millennium. It makes a great combo of East & West culture mix.

Hong Kong is known for its low – cost taxation that attracts people despite the rising cost of living. 

Some Hong Kong jobs offer remuneration plus accommodation as a benefit. If you’re lucky, this is a great way to avoid the sky rocketing rent in the city full of sky scrapers. 

Several and innumerable jobs and forms of employment in Hong Kong though incomes and pay-scales vary from one to another. 

Car owners put up fancy number plates with their own surnames itself or added to the number!

Languages spoken there are English, Mandarin & Cantonese or a mix. Soon you will get accustomed with local customs. 

Luxury stuff like interiors and furniture is reasonably inexpensive. Hong Kong stands 25th for “Living Standards”.

It is like traveling to a different state in India. Reaching Hong Kong from India or vice versa takes 4 to 6 hours time.

There are world-famous cities in Hong Kong. Here are the top popular cities in Hong Kong : - Yuen Long Kau Hui, Kowloon, Yung Shue Wan, Sha Tin, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, Sok Kwu Wan, & Tuen Mun.

Hong Kong Immigration Visa Benefits

1) Hong Kong Immigration Visa is generally approved for 2 years with an extension of 3 years. 

2) This is further extendability for up to 3 more years depending on the positive outcome you show.

3) Upon staying successfully for 7 years there, you are eligible to apply Hong Kong citizenship.

4) Hong Kong Visa holders do not require to show an employment offer before moving over.

5) The primary Visa Applicant can also take spouse & dependent children below 18 to Hong Kong.