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    Hong Kong Immigration Visa Requirments

Hong Kong Immigration Visa Requirments

Hong Kong Immigration Visa is one of the most desiderated visas for several foreign professionals. The most beneficial, popular and potential immigration visa for a aspiring foreign immigrant would be the HK QMAS – or Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. There are benefits as well as strict requirements from the side of the candidate who is applying under this scheme to move to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has to constantly maintain the tag of one of the top global financial hubs in the world. Hence, the Asian state has to be on par with other countries of the world in terms of commerce and free trade and invites high talent from all over the world. 

QMAS Requirements:

This is a very straightforward process. As all other countries have points – based selection tests where the aspiring immigrant has to enter details or clear an online test, so does Hong Kong. However, here there are two tests that the candidate can attempt. For the  Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, the candidate has to successfully clear one of the points – based test online. 

There are two types of online tests – (i) General Points Test & (ii) Achievements – Based Points Test. It is only after completion of any one of these two tests and successful clearing will the candidate be able to file their visa application with the Hong Kong Immigration Dept. After the successful scrutiny of the visa application and the applicant clears every required selection criterion, then the official portal displays the results. It is also notified to the concerned candidate through other means. 

The visa is granted to the candidate after successful issuance of “approval – in – principle” first which is the information that the candidate has been selected for Visa Approval

QMAS Eligibility Criteria

there are a lot of factors that go into consideration for the successful selection of the candidate’s visa application. The basic factors are the basics –

(i) Age (Min - 18 / Max - 50)

(ii) Educational Qualification

(iii) Professional Experience

(iv) Family Background

(v) Language Skills

While these qualification/ eligibility criteria for HK QMAS mentioned here is for only basic information. Please contact the Hong Kong Immigration Consultants & Experts for Professional Guidance.