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    HR Services

HR Services

The outstanding services offered would make the complex process of obtaining a visa straightforward for the aspiring candidate which sometimes can blow your mind off. There are various purposes for going overseas. There could be requirement for non – immigrant or temporary visa for a short visit, or a long – term stay leading to Permanent Residence and/or immigration. The team of immigration experts will assess the candidate’s profile and select the best visa that is suitable for the candidate based on his or her main purpose for travelling overseas.

At times, foreign nationals to a new country find issues as they get involved in activities that they must not as there is a limit on certain activities based on your type of visa applied/ approved. Each different activity requires a permit which is a permission on paper for carrying out that specific activity in a foreign country. So you should know about it and beware. 

While there are several online tools for immigration or visa assessment, etc., there are also expert advisors and immigration counsellors giving advice and guidance regarding your country of choice. Our team of expert and experienced visa guides, who would make you feel comfortable and clear your doubts. 

The experienced team of experts understands the necessities and tough part of relocation to your dream country. So they do offer various HR services that would help out at the right time in making a straight path to your dream destination an even process. Here are some of the general services offered. (It may differ from one Visa Consultants to another or may require a confirmation based on the HR Services offered).

1) Visa Guidance

2) Resume Writing

3) Job Search

4) Interview Preparation Assistance

5) Pre & Post Departure Briefing

6) Student Counselling

7) Overseas Higher Education Professional Advice

8) University Selection & Application Process

9) Scholarship Assistance based on Eligibility (for students)

10) Visa Denial / Refusal Studies & Analysis

HR Services