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    Investor Visas

Investor Visas

Foreign investors who see an investment opportunity in any foreign country welcoming investors may apply for an Investor Visa. There are several investor schemes by immigration departments of various countries for the sake of attracting foreign investors. Those who meet the set requirements and see an opportunity in such Investor Visa Programs may apply for the same. Such programs differ from country to country. However, there are also some countries that offer Permanent Residency on the basis of investment or investor visa. They vary from each other depending on the amount of investment, duration period, and other factors.

Foreign countries welcome huge investors to invest in the foreign country to get capital in. So, they even offer citizenship by investment for such entrepreneurs. Other plus points for getting approved is the number of jobs the business will generate. Some of the famous investment programs are GIP or Global Investment Program. Popular investor visas of different countries include EB -5 Immigrant Investor Program & E2 Treaty Investor Visa, in the USA, Canada Investor Visa for Canada, etc. There are many countries where the Investor Visas are sill in a developmental phase.

New Zealand Investor Visa has two categories:

Investor 1: Also called Investor Plus Visa, the investor must be able to invest the amount of NZ $10 Million and will be given residence. However, there are several requirements that investor has to fulfill.

Investor 2: Under this Visa, the investor must be able to invest the amount of  NZ $1.5 Million and will be given residence. Candidate has to submit an Expression of Interest and there are several requirements/ conditions he has to fulfill. Every year, there are around 300 spots alloted for this Investor Visa Category.

Similarly, popular countries around the world that welcome foreign investors under various Foreign Investor Schemes are Australia, Canada, UK, & Germany.