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    Ireland Dependent Visa

Ireland Dependent Visa

Now that the Republic of Ireland is soon becoming a destination for several immigrants, the families too would like to re-join their loved ones overseas. So, the Ireland Immigration authorities have a family visa for migrating families. The dependents would be kids of the main applicant aged below 18 and unmarried, and the main visa applicant’s spouse. By this Irish family visa, the eligible family members may go for work permit. There is ease on the Labor Market Assessment Test for this visa. This means that the family members can take up employment by an employer who would like to employ them in Ireland. The Irish Family/ Dependent Visa calls for families to get re-united overseas. 

Irish Family Life Visa

1)Dependent Family Visa is a road to Permanent Residency in Ireland. 

2)After residing successfully for 5 years, then eligibility for PR in Ireland.

3)First, the partner visa is generally given for 2.5 years and can get an extension for another 2.5 years if approved. 

4)Going from this visa category to general spouse visa on the same day is also is a workable issue. 

5)The dependent family members may want to accompany the main Irish visa applicant to Ireland on the same visa. The decision would be made at the Premium visa service center such as a same – day decision.      

Eligibility Criteria for Ireland Dependent Visa

There are certain eligibility requirements for both the main visa applicant as well as the accompanying family members such as:- 

* The spouse (dependent applicant) of the main visa applicant must make it clear that the during the date of visa application the marriage is still continuing. 

* Dependent children must prove that they or he /she must be below 18 years of age related to the sponsor. 

While these requirements are for the dependent spouse & kids there are also qualifying requirements for the sponsor (main visa applicant). 

* Irish Green Card Permit with validity

* Ireland work permit for a minimum period of 12 months or over. 

* In case getting transferred from MNC, there must be a Intra – Company valid Permit for a minimum period of 12 months/ 1 year duration. 

Visa & Immigration rules get updated at times. Hence, it is advisable to take professional guidance at expert Ireland Visa and Immigration Consultants for latest updates & procedures.