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    Ireland Green Card Visa

Ireland Green Card Visa

The Republic of Ireland is a soon becoming most sought after immigration dream country for several immigrants all over the world. The country has a requirement for several highly skilled talents that could not be filled out by the citizens residing with in the area of the EEA. Hence, the nation of Ireland calls for such kind of talented foreign individuals who can fill those vacancies. However, they need to possess certain skills & qualifications that are required for those positions.

The country also has a visa category for the families of the main visa applicant to live in Ireland provided the primary applicant has sufficient funds to support their stay there. In order to work in Ireland, you need to have a work permit if you are not a citizen of any countries from European Union. This is the way to get into the Immigration to Ireland. The first is to get a job offer or letter of employment from an employer in Ireland. The most potential Ireland Immigration Visa is the Ireland Green Card Permit Scheme.

As mentioned earlier the offer of employment from an employer in Ireland is the green signal for the Immigration to Ireland. However, it is first granted for a short period of two years which is then extendable. This is the road to Permanent Residency in Ireland. Moreover, the candidate can omit a test called Labor Market Assessment Test to get or apply for the Ireland Green Card Visa

Ireland Green Card Visa Scheme

There are two major categories that the candidate can apply for the Irish Green Card Visa Scheme under. The major types of occupations are as follows: - 

1. Candidate’s minimum annual pay is Є 60,000 a year without any bonus. All occupations other than the occupations contrary to the interest of public.

2. Candidate’s minimum annual pay is from Є 30,000 a year without any bonus up to Є 59,999. Issued for certain important occupations has a cap of a specified number of such special occupations.