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    Ireland Immigration Visa Benefits

Ireland Immigration Visa Benefits

There are several reasons to travel and live in to the Republic of Ireland. This country is in the European continent and has colder climate. It is best for the people who like hilly mountainside with cold regions. If you are searching to settle down or work / live in a country or continent that is less polluted & with lesser population, this is one of the greatest countries in the whole world to select. You can learn new things & new customs & traditions, earn in higher currency, get accustomed to a new culture, etc. 

In order to live and work in another foreign country, an aspiring candidate would require a Residence Permit & or work permit, so does the nation of Ireland. The nationals from the countries of the EU do not require to get a visa as Ireland is one of the countries. However, if you are from any other country in the world outside of the EEA, then you will require to apply and get approved for an Irish Immigration Visa.

There are various types of Irish Immigration Visa Schemes. It is mainly based on occupations and critically required occupations in Ireland. They do require a job offer from a company in the nation. However, this is the road to Permanent Residency in Ireland. Families can accompany them on some conditions on the family / Ireland Dependent Visa. Here are some of the 

Features and Benefits of Irish Green Card Scheme 

* Limited number for certain selected occupations from the Finances sector, IT & communications, health-care, Industry & Research. 

* For numbered occupations the candidate must get job offer with minimum € 30,000 annual pay.

* For all other occupations the candidate must get job offer with minimum € 60,000 annual pay.

* The time period spend on this visa is generally considered for Irish Permanent Residency.

* This Green Card Visa is generally issued first for a period of 2 years. After this the visa is extended based on requirement.

* Irish Immigration Scheme is for all occupations with minimum annual pay of €60,000 without bonuses.

* With financial ability the Irish Green Card holder can also take spouse & dependent kids to live in Ireland.

* In specified conditions there is no need for candidate to take the test called ‘Labor Market Assessment Test’.

* In other words, the Ireland Green Card Visa Scheme is the road to Irish Permanent Residency.