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    Ireland Immigration Visa Requirements

Ireland Immigration Visa Requirements

The Irish Green Card Visa Scheme is fast gaining popularity in most nations of the world. There are interesting features of the Ireland Immigration Visa that is curating interest among several highly skilled professionals. The families or dependent members of the family can also accompany them. The main applicant should be able to sponsor their expenses throughout the stay there. The candidate’s family member or dependent family member also must have some basic skills like education or language, etc. Here you will get to know the main features of this visa and the requirements for the Immigration to Ireland. So, read on to know what you require once you are eligible for the potential Irish Immigration Visa. 

Requirements for Irish Immigration Visa / Ireland Green Card Visa Scheme

There are some conditions and basic requirements that the candidate has to meet in order to qualify for the Ireland  Immigration Visa. One of the most important requirements is the offer of employment.

Specifications for Employment Offer:

* Ireland Green Card Permit Main visa applicant must hold an offer of employment from a bonafide company in Ireland.

* The company should be registered with Companies Registration Office as well as the the Revenue Commissioners with trade in Ireland. 

* The employment offer to candidate must be for at least a period of 2 years or more than that. 

* The offer letter must be on the letter head of the employing company. 

* The employment offer to candidate must be within the last 2 months or within prior 60 days. 

* The Irish job offer letter must put specifications of details of employment like duties, proposed role of employment, salary per annum without bonus, date of appointment, stating date etc. 

* All prior specific professional experience letters/ certification.

* All language skills certificates & other skills certification

* All Educational Qualifications certificates photocopies.