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    Ireland Immigration Visa

Ireland Immigration Visa

The Republic of Ireland is one of the nations belonging to the  European Union (EU). It is simply known as ‘Ireland’ in short. For the nationals of countries belonging to the  European Union it has relaxed ways for them to live in the coutnry. Moreover, they can even work there and study or live there as well. However, for the people who belong to non -  European Union nations or non – EU nations there are other requirements. There are several coutnries that have a points – based selction system. Ireland has a varied form of selection system. The country has some specific skills that are required in that country. 

Hence, it is a great option for the people of foreign countries from all over the world who possess those skills. The country is gaining popularity as one of the promising immigration countries for several hgih skilled professionals. There are various types of visas that you can check out. While some of them are for the highly skilled professionals the other types of visas are for the family members who accompany them. Here, these are the different types of Ireland Visas. This is one of the ways that leads to Immigration to Ireland. 

1. Critical Skills Work Permit: To apply under this visa, the profession must be listed on the nation’s Highly Skilled Occupations List. This visa is generally issued for a 2 years period where in the employee must live and work in Ireland for 2 years.

2. Partner/ Dependent Work Permit: This visa category is for the family members / dependents of the family members who have a work permit. Once the period their visa is valild for expires, they may also apply for PR to Ireland. This is automaticallly also goes for the family members who hold the Dependent work permit. For this visa, family members have to clear character checks. Primary visa holder must show sufficient funds to support the dependents.

3. General Employment Permit: This visa is generally given for 2 years. It is further extendable for another 3 years. After this period, if the candidate has a good standing, he can apply for a long – term Residence Permit. For the employee to directly apply for this visa, he /she must first have the offer of employment. Even the employer can apply provided they have put a job requrirement for member in EEA prior to hiring immigrants. Moreover, the employer who aplies must employ the immigrant and is solely responsible for paying the candidate.