Many attractions are reasons to work, live and travel to Ireland. Situated in Europe it has suburban type of landscape with freezing temperatures. So for those who enjoy colder weather, it is an ideal destination to move into especially if you like the mountains and hills. In case you like a lesser polluted area and thinly populated region, then here is a great country with reasonable benefits to such aspiring immigrants. 

Now a days many aspiring immigrants now find Ireland to be one of the sought after dream destination. If there is a requirement that could not be filled by citizens within the European Economic Area (EEA) then with some necessary criteria then foreign talented immigrants with required skills can apply. If you would like to live and work in Ireland, just like another foreign country, such an aspiring candidate nees a Work Permit and Residence Permit

Ireland Immigration welcomes such foreign talent from professionals and individuals having the required criteria for such vacancies. There is a strict requirement regarding the criteria, educational qualifications, field of expertise, etc. for the aspiring foreign applicants. Such candidates also can take their dependent kids and spouse or families there to live with them. But the principle visa applicant must show the sufficient finances to support the family stay. The families travel to Ireland on families categories of visa. 

If a person who is from a country that is not in the European Union then he or she needs to get an authorization to work in Ireland or Ireland Work Permit. Once the candidate who meets all requirements and clears the eligibility criteria receives an offer of employment from the employer from that country. After some time living and working there successfully, it is a road to Permanent Residence in Ireland. 

Other than this other various types of Irish Immigration Visa like the Ireland Green Card Visa Schemes. This is based majority on skills and occupations that are critically required in Ireland. A visa holder can also take family to Ireland if he has stable finances to support each member of the family for their living expenses, etc.