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All you have to know about Immigration to Germany

  • All you have to know about Immigration to Germany
    A nation with great economy and numerous industry sectors opens the door of opportunity for those choosing Immigration to Germany. The country is famous as the 5th most sought after dream immigration destination for several around the world.
    Get to know about different ways to gain Permanent Residence in Germany. Most popular reasons to move to Germany are listed here. Read on to update yourself and your friends on settling in Germany.
    Immigration to Germany for Employment

    due to shortage of labor force for Skilled Workers in Germany the country is searching for new foreign talent. If you have the qualifications and skills or work experience in the field of expertise, check it out.
    Immigration to Germany for Business/ Investment/ Entrepreneurs
    Germany welcomes business people who want to invest there and positively contribute to the economy. If you have high finances and your business creates economic opportunity there then get Germany Self  Employment Visa.
    Immigration to Germany for Family or Dependents
    Germany welcomes family reunions so the lawful spouse and kids under the age of 16 comes by Family Immigration to Germany. They have to prove the relationship and spouse must speak German language level A1 for this. Moreover the sponsor must have sufficient funds for their stay.
    Immigration to Germany for Study / Education
    There are accredited educational institutes to take up education in various fields. Most teach in German so you will first have to take a short term course in Germany. Check Germany Visitor Visa.
    Immigration to Germany for Residence Permit
    All citizens of non – EU countries require EU Blue Card which is similar to the USA Green Card Permit. To work or live there apply for Germany Blue Card Visa provided you have a job offer from a German employer with a specific salary take home. It is initially issued for four years time.
    After a period of 3 years or lesser the EU blue card status holder is eligible to apply for Germany Settlement Permit which is Germany PR Status. They must be fluent in German and have sufficient funds to settle down in Germany.