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Apply Canada PR Visa - Canada Express Entry

  • Apply Canada PR Visa - Canada Express Entry - Canada Permanent Resident Visa Benefits

    Why Canada?: Canada is one of the most sought after destinations for immigrants from around the world. Most of the year, many regions in Canada are filled with snow. There are uninhabited regions too. Canada is also one of the most preferred destinations due to such lovely surroundings. The stable economy also is one of the reasons why the country is one of the top immigration destinations. Canada Immigration welcomes highly skilled workers and investors from around the world. There are 60 various types of Canada immigration schemes for people around the world. There are many benefits of holding Canada Permanent Residency. Some of them are listed below in general. (may not apply to all, please check with your Immigration Consultant). 

    Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa Holders 

    (1) Live and work in Canada

    (2) Earn in Canadian Dollars.

    (3) Study a course there which you are eligible to take up

    (4) After a while get eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship

    (5) Covered under the CCRF/ Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms & Canada Law

    (6) After a period of 2 years, you may leave the country if required without leaving the PR Visa Status.

    (7) Once the Canada Permanent Residency Status is completed, or expired, you can go for a renewal.

    (8) The benefits of are almostsimilar to the Canada Citizenship benefits. However, a Canada PR Visa holder MAY NOT do the following on the visa: (i) Run /operate a political office, (ii) Cast a Vote (iii) Get employed in a high – level security clearance job. 

    Requirements for Canada Permanent Residence Visa: There are specified requirements that aspiring candidates have to fulfill to be issued the visa. They are mentioned here. 

    a) Age Group:Certain immigration schemes focus on certain age groups. Moreover, even in the CRS, those in their early career years score higher.

    b) Language Proficiency: This is a basic requirement as the candidate must score a minimum competency.

    c) Educational Qualification: Most of the occupations have a minimum education requirement for the candidate / Canada Educational Equivalent. On CRS, you may score higher to hold a +2 years’  degree. Sufficient funds: This is one of the basic and most important criterion. Candidate has to show sufficient finances for travel and living expenses.

    d) Medical Clearance: There are some specifications regarding health check requirements. Candidate must successfully clear it when he or she immigrates.

    e) Police Clearance: Candidate must not be involved in any sort of criminal activity. 

    f) ECA Report: the candidates educational credentials must undergo an Education Credential Assessment Report.