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  • Australia Permanent Residency Visa Categories - Apply for Australia PR Visa

    There are a number of Australia Permanent Residence Visas. You may select one that is best suited to you to live in Australia as there are various types of visas. We have listed some of the  PR Visas below. It is made easy for you to understand in simple terms. So, it is advisable to take the help of a licensed and professional  Australia PR Visa Consultants

    1. Skill- Based Australian PR Visa: The aspiring visa applicant has to get nominated by an employer or sponsored. There are 3 ways to go under the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) - i) non -immigrant, ii) direct entry,  and iii) agreement entry.

    2. Family - Based Australia PR Visa: If your family member is already settled in Australia. Under this visa category, the eligible family members can migrate to Australia.

    3. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): Candidate must have related experience in a field of occupation listed with Australia Skilled Occupations List. In addition to that, a State/ Territory government agency must nominate the interested candidate.

    4. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): Candidate must have related experience in a field of occupation listed with Australia Skilled Occupations List and does not require nomination.

    5. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: There are a few regions in Australia where the candidate must be willing to work. There must be an employer ready to sponsor the candidate to Regional Australia. He/ she must fulfill all the experience, and educational requirements.

    6. Business Innovation/ Business Investment Visa: Business people who are willing to invest the required amount in Australia and expand business plans can apply for this visa. 

    Applying for a visa can be a confusing and tough process. However, the above classifications may make it a bit easier for you. It is always advisable to contact a professional visa consultancy for help on such guidance so you can clear out any doubts that you have. Below, is a basic introduction on what you may require to keep ready if you are selected to apply for the Australia Permanent Resident Visa.

    Apply For Australia PR Visa – A Step-By-Step Guide

    Step 1: Keep required checklist documents that have to be filed along with visa. This includes Valid Passport/ language test Scorecard/ Educational Documents/ Occupational certificates, etc. 

    Step 2: Proof of required available for the purpose of travel and fees and the stay period.

    Step 3: Enter all necessary details online on Skill Select. You will have to show the required documents.

    Step 4: Make sure to enter and re-check if you entered all details correctly.  

    Step 5: Once your Expression of Interest is successfully submitted, and you receive the invitation, you  have to file Visa in 60 days’ time. 

    Step 6: filling forms and filling the visa and attending the Embassy interview, etc. is the toughest part and if you do not do it correctly, it may result in unnecessary delays or even a refusal.  

    So consult a licensed & accredited Australia PR Visa Consultants to avoid unnecessary delays in your visa approval. We Wish You All the Best!