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How to Apply Australia PR Visa

  • How to Apply Australia PR Visa

    Australia is one of the countries that has various Permanent Residence Visa Schemes for aspiring foreign immigrants. Like many countries, Australia too has a points based selection system. It is the main test that determines your eligibility to apply for Australia PR Visa. It would score points to you on the basis of basic factors such as your age, educational qualification, work experience, language fluency, nomination/ sponsorship, or a relative who resides there permanently. Two of the most popular visa types are the Subclass 189 and Subclass 190, from others. Take a look at the general requirements for the Australia PR Visa
    Requirements/ Eligibility Criteria for Australia PR Visa
    There are several visa categories to check under which you are suited the most. the requirements for each and every visa differs from one another. So, based on that there are yet some basic requirements that you will need. Remember this list does not cover all the requirements and might require more documentation, or eligibility conditions. 
    1. Put Vital Documents In Order: The main documents would be your passport, educational /work experience certificates, health checks mandates, travel documents, etc. Other than these there are two mandatory documents that you will require -
    (i) Language Proficiency proof that will be your IELTS score card
    (ii) Skills assessment done by a relevant assessing head / authority.
    2. Decide on the best visa type: The most potential visa types for Permanent Residence in Australia are the Subclass 186, Subclass 189 and Subclass 190. If you are nominated by employer, the visa type is subclass 186, and for state nomination it is subclass 190 where as if you do not have sponsorship/ nomination it is subclass 189.
    3. Check Skills Occupation List: The SOL lists all the occupations where your work experience will come under. Choose an appropriate occupation that is closest to yours or direct with your area of expertise. For state nominated visa type make sure to search an occupation that is listed under the specific Australian state/ region.
    4. Health and Character Clearance: This is a mandatory requirement where you have to get a health clearance certificate and a character should be good.
    5. Submit Expression Of Interest: This is actually the first step but only after checking all the above you must submit the EOI by the points based test online. This is known as SkillSelect.
    How to Apply Australia PR Visa
    As mentioned earlier the first step is to qualify on the points based selection test. The minimum qualifying points score is 60 only then you will go ahead. After submitting the Expression Of Interest you have to give time for the concerned authorities to respond. There are so many EOIs so it takes time. However, once your profile is seen, you will get an ioa or invitation to apply. Make sure to respond in 60 days. This means you have to fill in the visa application form without any errors which may cause unnecessary lengthy delays. Then put all vital documents in the checklist in order. The IOA, the visa application and necessary documentation is all you require! Good luck.