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    NewZealand Business Visa

NewZealand Business Visa

New Zealand consists of 2 islands and is one favorable destination for several as the benefits attract visitors from all over the world. The country is soon becoming a sought after destination for various reasons by many including business people. If you would like to visit the country on business purposes or for a genuine business need, then you can apply the New Zealand Business Visa. Here are the details of this New Zealand Business Visa.

Features & Benefits of New Zealand Business Visa

The main visa applicant can also take family (spouse & kids) but apply on paper.

The online process is done simple if the candidate goes without accompanying family.

For some countries like Australia, etc., these nationals do not require entry visa to enter the country.

The Business Visa is to carry out business work and not Work Visa. For that apply work visa.

The duration is generally given for 3 months maximum by which time you must leave New Zealand.

If candidate intends to stay longer, he or she must apply for a New Zealand Work Visa.

Candidate can also study during the 3 months period of any 12 months course (conditions apply).

Requirements & Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Business Visa

Candidate must go on a visit purely for business reasons

He or she cannot make any money or get kind of employment

Proof of sufficient funds during the stay in New Zealand

Candidate can show the financial support of employer.

Candidate must keep a ticket to exit out of New Zealand

Candidate must prove sponsorship for travel onward

He or she must show an intention to leave New Zealand at end of stay.

Candidate must successfully clear the health & character requirements.

Multiple entry travel conditions are required if business visitor wants to go in and out of country. Other travel documents also must be taken mandatory.

Reasons for Business Visa Rejection

There are times that the visa can get rejected due to reasons like no sufficient funds for onward travel or your situation has changed from the reason to visit the country. Other reasons include if candidate does not give required details like applicant's photo, etc. when asked. Candidate must meet the health & character criteria as well. 

Note: - There could be fraudsters with sale of fake visas or imposters like authorized agents, so candidates must beware of such kinds of fraud. If found with such visa, then the entry into New Zealand might be refused.