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    NewZealand Dependent Visa

NewZealand Dependent Visa

New Zealand is soon becoming a popular destination for business people, job seekers, students, investors, families to reunite with visa holders in the country etc. There are several sectors including manufacture, tourism, hospitality, IT, telecoms, etc. The holders can take their families or dependents who must apply another form/ application. However, New Zealand is now a favorable place for students too as the country is reputed for quality education and world class trainings. Dependents of New Zealand study visa can go to the country on the New Zealand Student Dependent Visa. On this visa, the Dependents of partners in New Zealand can accompany them on certain conditions.

Features & Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Dependent Visa 

* The processing type of such visas take any time from one month to four months. This depends on the flow of visa applications as well as processing country or department.

* All visa applicants have to successfully clear the heath check and character requirements.

* There are other requirements visa applicants must meet based on partner’s visa status.

* The legal spouse/ common – law partner in New Zealand has to support the visa application.

* The couple must be in a valid, genuine, and stable couple relationship living together.

* This type of visa is for students in higher level of educational qualification on NZQF (New Zealand Qualification Framework) – in minimum of Level – 7 Degree. He must be in field of total skills shortage as in the New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List.

* Visa expenses, fees & costs vary depending on third party services, notary, courier, DD charges & translation, etc. 

Note: -  New Zealand Visa and Immigration Rules specify the mandatory requirement of Licensed immigration adviser for New Zealand immigration advice &/ or process a New Zealand visa application. The above detains and information is given to give you a basic idea of requirements, etc. for New Zealand Dependent Visa